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Australians for a fair Finance Industry

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

  1. That we support rebuilding trust and confidence in the Finance Industry.
  2. That we believe removing individuals who have broken the law from the Finance Industry is part of rebuilding trust and confidence in the industry.
  3. That a fair, government regulated register of finance workers who have breached applicable laws is the only way to ensure that the right people are removed from the industry for the right reasons.
  4. That the employers who have led the breakdown in trust and confidence in the Finance Industry should not manage, own or operate any process that undermines a fair government register as it will not restore the trust and confidence the Finance Industry needs.

Your petitioners ask the Senate:

To develop or extend a current, relevant register of finance workers found guilty of breaching applicable laws. This register is to be maintained by a government regulator and principles of natural justice and procedural fairness must apply.

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    Sign the petition: Senate Petition
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    Patricia Susan Watts
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    This register should be maintained by the Government and only for workers found guilty of breaching applicable law – not guilty until proven guilty which is what our law is based on. . You don’t allow people to be on the sex offenders register without a criminal conviction so surely this should follow the same guidelines and principles – this is treading on a very fine line of breacing people’s privacy and rights – someone could update the register purely on heresay with no evidence and that is legally not right. The banks can not regulate themselves and one of the reasons why we have had the issues in the finance industries, on that basis how can you leave them to maintain a register? What about the Commonwealth Bank Financial Adviser who were setting up high risk investments for retired couples and not telling them and yet he was promoted to manager and still working for them. Would he be on there? Absolutely not. . Why would you leave them to maintain this? Who has access to this register because if anything is written about us we should be able to see it. Who else can see it – can my neighbour? I used to work with a guy who thought he was a guru and every time there was issues with what he told people to do, he blamed everyone else but himself to make himself look good. Would we be on this register because we did not get on with our boss because he made life difficult for us so we left or the guru decisions went pear shape and we were blamed or if you complained about Sexism/Racism/Bullying/discrimination? I can’t believe that this was passed through legislation.
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    This is long overdue.
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    The banks are not the correct people to run this if we want any chance at all of natural justice. The senate needs to step in and have this run by the government
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