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FSU- Stepping up for Our Jobs and Our Future

Because those working in the industry must have a voice in the debate about the industry and because workers know better than most what is wrong at the core, the FSU has stepped up to make sure members are heard both about the problems and the possible solutions.

Through collective bargaining activities FSU is successfully moving away from fixed pay models that link salary increases to arbitrary targets rather than skills or professional service.

This has been done because the current culture which pushes targets at any cost is at the heart of so many of the problems at the heart of this issue.

The FSU has worked directly with the Australian Bankers Association around their reviews announced in 2016. 

Through consultation with members about targets, workloads, pay and management practices the FSU has been able to directly engage with each of the reviews underway. In 2016 alone the FSU has;

  1. made submissions to the ABA review of pay models,
  2. provided feedback on the ABA proposals regarding banking code of practice, whistle-blower policies and collecting feedback on the bad apple register
  3. met with the Small Business Ombudsman in connection with the review of business banking
  4. provided information to members of the House of Representatives Economic Committee to assist their inquiry
  5. written to the CEO's of the Big 4 banks with hundreds of FSU members' questions about management practices.
  6. made submissions to the Senate Committee Inquiry into life insurance
  7. Attended AGM's of ANZ,CBA, NAB and Westpac and asked questions of the board.
  8. made repeated media comments about the need to focus reform on management and executive driven culture rather than a headcount of scapegoats to an entrenched management reluctant to face fundamental change.

All of this work is firmly based on FSU member input and providing a voice to the staff who work for corporations now seeking to blame individual staff for "rogue" behaviour.

This story has a long way to go with workers caught in the middle. Whether its having a voice in the debate about the future of the industry or protecting individuals wrongly blamed for decisions made much higher up the ladder - these are our jobs and this is our future thats at stake. 

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