So what is the solution?

Regulators around the world have begun imposing a legal “best interest duty” on financial services providers in an effort to ensure that those working in financial services put the interests of their customers ahead of the interests of the financial services provider. This includes a ban on conflicted remuneration. Alternatives to conflicted remuneration include pay models that reward skill and encourage ethical behaviour. Australia, the UK, Canada and USA have all made some changes to remove or limit the existence of conflicted remuneration in financial service. In Australia conflicted remuneration is banned in connection with ‘wealth’ products such as superannuation, life insurance and term deposits but there is no current ban on conflicted remuneration for ‘debt ‘ products like loans and credit cards. In the UK all conflicted remuneration is banned. FSU has secured new pay models that begin to de-link pay from targets in major enterprise agreements in 2016.  A combination of industry wide regulation banning conflicted remuneration by legislation and new pay frameworks in Enterprise Agreements will ensure that pay in finance adds to trust and confidence rather than erodes it.

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  • Shah Alam
    commented 2018-07-24 23:47:34 +1000
    There is no fixed regulation body and legislation in the world wide financial industry.The could have the chance to improve the quality of the business through online and offline across the world.
  • anonymous
    commented 2018-02-26 17:39:59 +1100
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